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Scotland - James VI (I). 1594 AV Gold Rider - 100 Shillings - NGC UNC Details - Coin

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SCOTLAND. James VI (I). 1594 AV Rider, 100 Shillings. NGC UNC Details. 28mm. 5.17gm. IACOBVS·6·D·G·R... King in armor with raised sword, right on horseback / SPERO·MELIORA. Crowned shield. KM 18; SCBC 5458; Gelder, Serooskerke, 78 (this coin); Burns 6 (fig. 954); SCBI 35 (Ashmolean & Hunterian), 1164 (same dies).

This was the only Scottish coin found in the Serooskerke Hoard . Light surfaces hairlines but very attractive and exceptional for the issue. 

Ex-Ridgemount Collection (Spink 69, 20 April 1989), lot 263; J.K.R. Murray Collection (Spink 57, 29 April 1987), lot 15; Serooskerke Coin Find (Schulman 244, 15 November 1966), lot 757; Serooskerke Hoard. 

Please use this link to verify the NGC certification number 4492556001 

The Serooskerke Hoard was discovered in 1966 on the island of Walcheren in the Netherlands and contained 1150 pieces.


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