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Rare Coins

About Rare Coins

Rare coins are a form of currency that have been used in circulation to pay for goods or services. Coins are considered "rare" when there are few known to exist, or when they are preserved in their original form with such high quality, that they are much finer that the average specimen of their series.

Buy Rare Coins

You can buy rare coins online or in-person from coin dealers or coin shows. There is a vast inventory of coins available online through individual dealer websites, auction houses, and eBay.

Sell Rare Coins

Selling coins to a dealer is relatively easy - simply take your collection to a local dealer and have them make you an offer. Selling rare coins online is also easy, but some times takes more time to wait for a buyer to come along versus selling to a dealer.

Silver and Gold Coins

Silver and gold coins are the most popular types of rare coins, but coins are also made in various metals, alloys, and even glass.

Other Types of Old Coins

In addition to circulated coins people also collect proof coins and error coins. Some people also collect or buy rare medals, bills/notes and other collectible currencies or memorabilia.



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